Tesco tech hitch leaves deliveries in ‘shambles’

Tesco van delivering to a home

Tesco customers were left without their grocery deliveries on Sunday morning after a technical fault prevented many orders going out.

Dozens took to social media to express their frustration, branding the experience and lack of communication a “shambles”.

A spokesperson for the supermarket apologised for the inconvenience.

Tesco said orders were back up and running by mid-afternoon.

But disgruntled Tesco shoppers were put out that there had been so little information from the company while they waited in for orders that did not arrive.

Reports of problems peaked at 09:00 on the Downdetector website, with thousands of users logging problems with Tesco’s service.

One shopper, Mark, said on social media that he had got up “extra early” at 08:00 for a delivery, only to find it cancelled “without any real reason being given”.

Another customer wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, that they were housebound and had received a confirmation from Tesco that their delivery was on its way, only to receive news of the cancellation 20 minutes later.

Others described the experience as “appalling” after struggling to reach customer services to find out what had happened to their orders.

One mother was left “furious” as she said she could not leave the house and was left with no nappies.

Many said they were informed of the cancellation only 20 minutes before the delivery was due. Others said they only found out after the allotted slot had been and gone, with some waiting several hours before they found out what the problem was.

Tesco’s spokesperson said: “We’re really sorry that due to a technical issue, we had to cancel some online orders today.

“Our technical team have worked around the clock and have now fixed it.”

“Customers who were impacted have been contacted directly. We apologise again for the inconvenience.”

Tesco advised customers to rebook to have orders delivered in the coming days. However, some customers said they were struggling to find suitable slots. https://elementlagu.com/wp/

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